Thursday, July 3, 2008

1 day in Las Vegas

Well everyone knows that my grandmother died Tuesday June 29. So I flew to Las Vegas on Friday for the service. Unfortunately, my uncles and aunts (Ward not included) change the day of the wake to the following Monday, the day of my trip to Columbia. So instead of saying goodbye. I said hello to my cousin Billy, his  girlfriend Jamie and their daughter .I spent the day eating bad chain food and hanging out with Billies daughter. Her and I went shopping and I bought her a dress similar to mine so we could match. I wore this dress because I knew my grandmother would love it.I also revisited the Red Lobster where I had a Lobster tail, garlic prawns, prawns skewers and a baked potato with a mornay sauce.  Oh I almost forgot the side of  Alaskan crab legs.

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