Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lunch Day 1 - The best meal yet

This is part of an old bus.
Laura and I went to pick up her friend who is a DP from Spain. We went to this fantastic little restaurant close to a high school, it was called Cazuelitas.  

I ordered Ajiaco.  This is the best dish I have had on my trip. It is so yummy and simple.
Shredded chicken and 3 kinds of  potatoes in a chicken stock. It is served with a piece of corn as a garnish. On the side it comes with heavy creme, avocado and capers. All of this is combined  to make a very tasty treat. I have found a recipe . I would modify it in the following ways; ditch the peas and try to find a herb called, Guasca. 

This was desert it is called, Torta de Zanahonia or carrot cake. This was not my favorite. I think they use some kind of juice in the mix.

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