Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last days in Hollywood

This is my new friend Sunny Blueskies. He and I enjoyed the pace and leisure of our Hollywoods HILLS retreat. One of the best things in Los Angeles is the French Champagne at 35 aud a bottle. I enjoyed many bottles into the night this way.
On my last day in Los Angeles Sunny and I went to the worst organic restaurant. It was in Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. The service was shit and so was the food but on our way back to the car I discovered these two celebrities. 

On Wednesday June 30 we went to the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood to check out Mateo. The Hotel
Cafe is a singer/Songwriter venue. The crowd is very mixed. Which LA is. I meet the crew who came up with Barack the vote campaign. Mateo is a kinda Ben Harper/ John Legend mix ( if they both were gay). Are they? His voice is cool and he has a quirky disposition. He sings a cover of Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy". He has a strong following among the 20 something cool kids, LA style of course. I expect this Mateo to be very big. During this gig we meet a friend of Vassy's called, Blah blah Blah. He is a fledging director. 
 After the gig Vassy and I went off with the Barack the vote crew  to a bar. Tres boring so Sydney So I order a glass of v bad champagne which I didn't drink. I was already very drunk. Blah Blah rang and came and picked us up and took us to this night  down in Echo Park called, Dub Club. It had a guy on stage smoking a spliff and two other people dropping beats. The music was wicked. However we arrived at 1:20 and the place was closing down so I quickly went to the bar and ordered another drink. I started to have a dance.

 and placed my drink down and it was stolen or taken by bar staff... AGGGGGGGHHHHHH $15.
Wednesday during the day I caught up with Kareem and Milan. Two really cool guys I met through Vassy.
We went to lunch on Melrose, I had Lobster ravoli and then up for a drive on Sunset drive.
 I had a complete view of all of Los Angeles.Very grand. These guys are super nice and single ladies...

I took a photo of these arses when I was popping into downtown LA to collect some bling.

Only in America.

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