Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 1 - Columbia Last meal of the day

My last meal on Day one was at a little cafe called Le Bon. It is in an area in Medellin called, 
 Parque Lleras. It is where the fashionable and foriegn come for a meal. This cafe is one of the smallest on the street. The street is lined with mega bars decorated over the top. It seems that everyone opts for larger rather than smaller.   It has a little park across the street. 7 or so years ago a FARC rebel put a bomb on the corner in the photographer killing many people. 
The restaurant owners refused to take this act lying down and resumed business almost immediately.  As you can see not a lot going on.  Medellin as a city is pretty clean. This area is a suburb and is not in the city centre or downtown. It would be the Fitzroy/ Prahran. On the weekends I am told it gets very crowded. But on Monday night it was very quite and beautiful. I have not felt threatened or uncomfortable once.
I ordered a crepe with mushrooms, creme, potatoes and crispy bacon. It was pretty good.
After I had this coffee which is called an Opera. So nice it is like a coffee milk shake.

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