Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 1 - Columbia Parque del Poblado

Parque de Poblado is a little square in Medellin that Ms Mora has been coming to since she was 14. On this day a group of her friends were filming a music video in the park for a band called, KY 4. I believe it is a reference to the bill before the US senate for free trade with Colombia. 

I ordered Rum it was 1600 pesos .80 Aussie cents I also had  some yummy street food from the bar on the left. The bar on the right was blaring salsa music. I met an old drunk writer who told me I was black because god kissed me.. Sweet. During the shoot the park was filled with up to 30 people drinking cervezas and smoking. 
I guess the most interesting thing was that everyone picked up after themselves. No beer bottles thrown at buses or in the street. Actually they all went in the bin or back to bar.. Very civilized. 

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